our goals & objectives

Anvika Technologies has the policy of providing only products and services that have the level of quality required to meet customer satisfaction throughout the life of the product.

In order to achieve this objective, we have established and maintained an effective Quality Management System (QMS). Determination of conformance of work to contract and regulatory requirements is confirmed on all our projects.

Our QMS policy is issued to clearly indicate the attitude of Anvika Technologies management with regard to quality. It is an essential policy for our long-term success in a competitive market place, as well as to maintain the lead that we have in many areas of our endeavor.

Anvika Technologies have also worked on ISO standards and developed systems modeled on AS/NZS ISO 9001 for our customers.

Some of the benefits that our customers and we derived from our QMS are:

Expectations of both our customer and Anvika Technologies are managed, because requirements are documented, mutually agreed and approved during the process
Costs containment – overruns are limited to changes in specifications for both the customer and Anvika Technologies because rework and repair activities are reduced. The management of quality of the product at every stage ensures costs of correction, later in the development cycle, are considerably less
Very few defects during design and build impact on the delivery of a virtually bug free and well tested product
The review process which is integral to a quality managed system permits a high level of confidence in the capability, useability, performance and reliability of the product
The Project Manager is able to focus and concentrate on the management of risk and change
Our experience has lead to repeatable processes which also help in cost reduction
The quality of the code and its readiness for delivery can be monitored and assessed throughout every stage